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Dreams on the Rocks Productions presents the outrageous space opera, Flash Gordon: Live! The year is 1980: Ronald Reagan is President, Pac-Man chomps into arcades, and all-American football hero Flash Gordon, meteorologist Dale Arden, and selenographist Hannah Zarkov find themselves in the unique position to save Earth from certain annihilation by the evil hands of Mingus “the Merciless” Despotski, Uncontested Ruler of the Universe. Will the well-intentioned Earthlings save their home planet? Will they unite the people of Mango? Or will they just get in the way!? Find out this May at the Exit Theatre!

This epic stage remake is based on the cinematic cult classic and inspired by Alex Raymond’s original comic strip. Adapted to stage by Becky Hirschfeld & Dani Spinks.

Starring Adam Vogel, Lauren Davidson, Becky Hirschfeld, Beebe Reisman, Arcady Eugene, Derek Lozupone, Joe Waterson, Eric Johnson, Jesus Rodriguez, Nick Leonard, Alex Falcioni, Donny Goglio and Lonnie Haley as Ming the Merciless.

For ticket info please go to https://flashgordonlive.bpt.me/